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The Red Ibérica de EspaciosGeomineros/ RedeIbérica deEspaçosGeomineiros / XarxaIbèricad´EspaisGeominerswas created in 2017, with the idea promoted by SIGMADOT to establish a coordination between different places of geological and mining interest, based on their heritage. This proposal was accepted and supported by the Governing Boards of the SEDPGYM, the SGE and the AEPECT.

After the creation of the Network, different places and institutions in Andorra, Spain and Portugal have joined it. Recently, after the agreement of the Roteiro das Minas e Pontos de InteresseMineiro e Geologico de Portugal, the entry of Portuguese entities in the Network is increasing

Thus, various Geological Parks, Geological and Mining Parks, Mining Museums, Geology Museums (including those specific of Mineralogy and Paleontology), organizations dedicated to the dissemination of geology have been integrated. Likewise, the coordination has been extended to the Caves and Chasms, Natural Parks, National Parks and Biosphere Reserves with a clear geological entity. As an important fact, it should be said that lately several Geoparks in Spain and Portugal have joined the network.

Additionally, various areas of geological and mining interest have also acceeded to the network; as well as various entities located on the insular lands of Spain and Portugal.

It should be said that the idea of ​​creating the network emerged during the III Congress of Geology and Environmental Mining organized by SIGMADOT in November 2017 in Molina de Aragón. The Congress was held with the full support of the Geopark of the Molina de Aragón and Alto Tajo Comarca. This Geopark is currently one of the members of the network.

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