The key objective of the Red Ibérica de EspaciosGeomineros / RedeIberica de EspaçosGeomineiros / XarxaIbèricad´EspaisGeominers initially focused on a series of aspects related to Geological Parks, Geological and Mining Parks and Mining Museums; in other words, the foundational entities of the network. However, after the incorporation in the Network of various partners and entities related to Geological and Mining Heritage coming from various fields have caused that the motivations acquire a broader perspective. These motivations focus on the following basic principles:

 Establishing a coordination network opened to all territories and entities that work for the conservation of Geological Heritage and Mining Heritage and their social use, for rural development, regardless of their organizational characteristics.

  1. Territories and entities whose objective is the defence and promotion of Geological and Mining Heritage,and in which this heritage is properly valued, can be part of the network; regardless of whether they are Geological Parks, Geological and Mining Parks, Cultural Parks, Mining Museums, Mining Territories, Geoparks, Natural Parks, National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Entities and Companies dedicated to promote Geological and Mining Heritage, Caves and Chasms, Scientific Societies,…
  2. Working as a team in the different areas of the network, within its scope to the Conservation and disseminationof its heritage; communication of Heritage.
  3. Strengthning collaborationamongst the places and the entities of the Network, knowing that there’s a reality of territories structured under different denominations, which not only they are not sufficiently known among themselves, but most of them are not sustained under homogeneous and/or developed regulations.
  4. Exchanging experiences between the different territories and entities integrated in the Network, creating anopen forum to other territories that could be interested in this initiative.
  5. Holdingregular meetings in each one of the network territories.
  6. Establishing contact with Andorran, Spanish and Portuguese companies focused on the defence of the geological and mining heritage.
  7. Likewise, establishing collaborative contacts with the Spanish network and with the Portuguese network of UNESCO geoparks
  8. Initiating contact with other similar European networks.
  9. Interrelationship with different universities, towards the study of Geological and Mining Heritage.